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Join my photographic workshops for all levels

Photography is many things to many people. For some people it is a true passion and they work with the best equipment they can afford. For others it is no more than a means to capture special moments and places on their cell phone. Some people apply the techniques they have studied, but most people act on instinct. 

During the many years I have tutored photographers, I have noticed that many of them only use a fraction of their camera functions and even more people don’t plan their shoots. As a result, the final images are often disappointing and they turn to post-production software to ‘fix the problem’.

Long street Cape Town, street photography

To get a good result, you need a good picture to start with.


You don’t have to be a fully-fledged professional photographer to produce great pictures; a basic understanding of your camera, lighting and composition will go a long way to up your game. My live workshops aim to give you the foundation on which to build your skills and continue your photographic journey. 


The focus of my online workshops is on post-production software, where I will teach you how to enhance your photographs. During these sessions it will become clear why it is so important to start with a well thought-out picture. 


My workshops are aimed at anyone who wants to learn from scratch,  improve their photography or experiment with new techniques.

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